Abous us

Fusion of culture and style, italian craftsmanship, dynamism and continous innovation: these are the foundations on which the brand has been built, accompanied by a careful choice of raw materials, so as to ensure our clients receive not a simple object but a unique jewel.

The aim of the brand is to convey the story and history imbued in each creation. It is a story of passion and heritage. Over 30 years ago, Tina Canzano, founder of the brand, took her first steps into goldsmiths and jewellery workshops in the area of Borgo degli Orefici, in the heart of the ancient Neapolitan goldsmith school. A creative vision along with passion soon lead Tina to open her first workshop to bring her ideas to life. These translate into work that are the culmination of conservation and innovation. On the one hand, the importance of tradition and heritage is revered, on the other, expertise within her practice allows for innovation in the creative processes; processes that are continuosly looking for new shapes and new structures, providing a particular dynamism to the final creations. The idea of the brand culminates in 2014 when Tina Canzano, along with her son Luca Caputo (b.1991), opened their first atelier in the glamourous neighborhood of Chiaia, Napoli. Fast becoming a landmark in the sector, customers can admire Tina and Luca working on their creations in a sparkling environment where collaboration, comittment and passion are the driving force of a reality made in Naples.